Message from the Principal

Courtney Davenport, Principal                                        

Nathan Espy, Assistant Principal

Pamela Cloud, Dean of Students


Dear MPMS Students and Parents,

As we embark on our time away from the building, I would first remind you to be safe and adhere to recommendations from our government regarding this pandemic. I know that there may be some questions regarding school work and nutrition; so I would like to share some pertinent information with you.


As of now, students will be away from MPMS through Friday, 3/27/2020.  On campus classes are scheduled to resume on Monday, 3/30/2020.  Also, this is the start of a new Nine Week Grading Period and we will treat it as such.  Assignments for all academic classes will be available through Google Classroom beginning Tuesday, 3/17/2020.   Special instructions regarding this process are now posted on our school website.


Regarding nutrition, TCS (Thomasville City Schools) will have a feeding program consisting of a Grab and Go Breakfast and Lunch at Harper Elementary School and Scott Elementary School between 11:00 AM until 1:00 PM.

Bag lunches and Grab and Go Breakfast for the next day will be delivered at the following sites:

  • Cherokee Homes(11:00-11:10 AM)
  • Wildwood Apartments(11:15 AM-11:20 AM)
  • Greentree Apartments(11:20-11:25 AM)
  • Old Publix Shopping Center(11:25-11:30 AM)
  • Abbey Lake Apartments(11:35-11:40 AM)
  • Lotto Corner Store(11:50-11:55 AM)
  • Normal Park Apartments(12:00-12:10 PM)
  • Varnedoe Area (National Guard)(12:15-12:25 PM)
  • Eastside Church(11:00-11:05 AM)
  • St. Luke Church(11:10-11:15 AM)
  • Faircloth Homes(11:20-11:25 AM)
  • Hunters Chase Apartments(11:30-11:40 AM)
  • Villa North Apartments(11:45 AM-11:55 AM)
  • Wood Valley(12:00-12:10 PM)
  • Douglass Gym(12:15-12:20 PM)
  • Flipper Homes(12:25-12:35 PM)

If there are any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at 229.225.2628.

Thank you and be well.

Go Dogs!